Welcome on this blog with compilations from British Comics.

You will find compilations on characters, just stories and from different titles.

There are compilations made by various unknown makers, users of this blog and compilations i made myself.

Note that i only place compilations with stories published before 2000 (with the occasional exception).

You can make requests, i will see if i can fulfill that.

You can view them with any cbr-reader. 

You can access the compilations through the sidebar.
I did not scan myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for the information :

Kazoop Blog

UK Comics Wiki

International Superheroes




1,453 thoughts on “Home

  1. UPDATE 26-07-2021

    Ron Embleton – 1965-TVC21-Stingray (v2)
    Ron Embleton – 1966-LP-The Man from Uncle (v2)
    Ron Embleton – 1967-Anglo Bubble Gum Posters
    Ron Embleton – 1967-TVC21-Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons
    All thanks to Petomantis

    You can find them in Compilations made by users – Petomantis

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  2. Any chance of a Combat Colin compilation?
    He appeared in Action Force number 5 up and then Transformers and lastly Aces comics.


    1. Yes, i can do that, i have most issues Transformers and Action Force. I will see what i can do, i hope to have it ready this weekend or beginning next week.


      1. Seems t me Lew Stringer complained about your Tom Thug compilation. Since he is the creator of Combat Colin, and may actually own it, isn’t that going to present a problem.


      2. Yes, thanks CJ, i forgot about that, i better cancel that one to avoid problems because Lew Stringer can be very strict about it and i don’t want any troubles with him. Sorry HuckyC.


  3. UPDATE 18-07-2021

    Forgotten Heroes 48 (thanks to HuckyC)
    Legends 85 (thanks to HuckyC)
    Weird Adventures 95 (thanks to HuckyC)

    You can find them in the widget Compilations made by users – HuckyC

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  4. UPDATE 14-07-2021

    Union Jackson
    Thanks to Minifig
    You can find it in Compilations made by others – Warlord – Union Jackson 2


  5. UPDATE 14-07-2021

    Dream Keeper from Roy of the Rovers
    Thanks to Zacksternz

    You can find it in Compilations made by others – Various


  6. UPDATE 10-07-2021

    Jimmy Chang (request)
    You can find it in My own compilations – Titles Battle Picture Weekly
    This one might be slightly different from the other ones, especially the cover and introductionpage because i have to use another program, but i believe it works fine also for this, when i get used to it it will be the same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever waaaaasssss.


  7. Hi Boutje
    I would like to ask you for a new compilation if it’s possible, these are the details:

    The Fists of Jimmy Chang
    Artist Eric Bradbury
    Scriptwriter Scott Goodall
    It Ran from Battle 356 27th February 1982 to Battle 411 19th March 1983

    Thanks in advanced anyway


    1. Hello Luis Miguel, i hope the link from Shea is good enough for now, i will make a compilation out of it asap, i can’t do anything right now, i installed a new desktop and the programs i use to make the compilations don’t work properly or not al all at this time so i have to solve that problem first.


      1. Hi Boutje
        No problem you deserve all the time you will need.

        Thanks Shea for your help


  8. UPDATE 07-07-2021

    Forgotten Heroes 47 (thanks to HuckyC)
    Legends 84 (thanks to HuckyC)
    Weird Adventures 94 (thanks to HuckyC)

    You can find them in the widget Compilations made by users – HuckyC


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