Welcome on this blog with compilations from British Comics.

You will find compilations on characters, just stories and from different titles.

There are compilations made by various unknown makers, users of this blog and compilations i made myself.

Note that i only place compilations with stories published before 2000 (with the occasional exception).

You can make requests, i will see if i can fulfill that.

You can view them with any cbr-reader. 


You can access the compilations through the sidebar.
I did not scan myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for the information :



UK Comics Wiki










128 thoughts on “Home

  1. UPDATE 20-02-2018

    Garth 002 – Children of the Dawn (new complete version)
    Garth 009 – Deep Waters
    Garth 015 – Garth and the Glove Game
    Garth 016 – Journey to Jason
    Garth 017 – Space-Time Traveller
    Garth 018 – The Phantom Pharaoh
    Garth 019 – Wings of the Night
    Garth 020 – Space-Time Rivals
    Garth 021 – Flight into the Future
    Garth 031 – The Last Goddess

    (All thanks to Mulo Kibizer)

    Captain Pugwash
    Cortez conqueror of Mexico
    Deep Sea Doctor
    Great Adventurer
    Legend of the Lincoln Imp
    Louis the Fearless
    Patrick, fighter for truth
    Rob Conway
    Seth and Shorty – Cowboys
    Shepherd Lad of Bethlehem
    Tommy Walls

    (All thanks to Mulo Kibizer)

    Loner (requested)
    Storm Force (requested)

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      1. You are welcome, thanks for the information, i will place it on the page.

        Btw. is it me or do i see a resemblance with Jimi Hendrix ?


  2. UPDATE 23-02-2018
    Buck Ryan – A Lady Disappears
    Buck Ryan – The Laughing Killer
    Buck Ryan – The Mystery Of The Silent Bomber

    All 3 thanks to Paw Broon.


  3. UPDATE 24-02-2018

    Garth 022 – Invasion from Space
    Garth 023 – Warriors of Krull Pages
    Garth 024 – In Hollywood
    Garth 025 – The Return of Malveno
    Garth 026 – The Golden Sphere
    Garth 028 – The Stone of Solomon
    Garth 029 – The Fantastic Doctor Quyn
    Garth 030 – The Hand of Attila

    All 8 thanks to Mulo Kibizer.

    Garth 128 – Beyond the Dreamtime
    Garth 137 – Treasure of Colchis
    Garth 165 – Z File

    All 3 thanks to Ar.


  4. UPDATE 25-02-2018

    Garth 027 – The 13th Man
    Garth 032 – The Captive
    Garth 033 – The Sorceror
    Garth 034 – Mask of ChangKu
    Garth 035 – The Crystals of Camelot
    Garth 036 – The Big Game

    All 6 thanks to Mulo Kibizer

    Fighting Tom Cochrane – Victor
    Hammer – Buddy

    These 2 thanks to Mr. Tweedy


  5. Hi, absolute great site, I am not able to download/read Mr Tweedy compilations of ‘Karl the Viking’ 2 to 5. Number 1 opens ok. Thank You all for your contributions, an Old man in his youth again. Regards to All and keep up a fantastic Job…


      1. Just downloaded no 2 and it opens OK for me – so whatever the problem is – its beyond my limited expertise I’m afraid.


  6. UPDATE 02-03-2018

    Legends 17
    Legends 18
    Legends 19
    Legends 20
    Legends 21
    Legends 22
    Legends 23
    Legends 24
    Legends 25
    Legends 26
    Legends Annual 2018

    All thanks to HuckyC.


  7. UPDATE 03-03-2018

    Garth 037 – The Living Mountain
    Garth 038 – The Long Sleep
    Garth 039 – Warrior World
    Garth 040 – The Static Zone
    Garth 041 – When Venus Was Born
    Garth 042 – The Hounds of Skarn
    Garth 043 – The Islands of Kaa
    Garth 044 – The Troll
    Garth 045 – Golden Slayer
    Garth 046 – The Rebels
    Garth 047 – Teenager
    Garth 048 – Big Joker
    Garth 050 – The Invaders

    All 13 thanks to Mulo Kibizer

    Garth – 074 Ghost Town
    Garth – 107 Hammer of Thorwold
    Garth – 125 The Don’s Daughter
    Garth – 126 In the Beginning

    All 4 thanks to Ar

    Trigan Empire 78 – A Tragic Misunderstanding – Look and Learn
    Trigan Empire 79 – The Zabriz Conspiracy – Look and Learn
    Trigan Empire 80 – Trigans Deadly Peril – Look and Learn
    Trigan Empire 81 – The Skorpiads – Look and Learn
    Trigan Empire 82 – The Zolt Exodus – Look and Learn
    Trigan Empire 83 – Terror Of The Skorpiads – Look and Learn
    Trigan Empire 84 – Search Mission – Look and Learn


  8. UPDATE 05-03-2018

    Garth 049 – The Time Couriers
    Garth 051 – The Brain
    Garth 052 – Night of the Knives

    All 3 thanks to Mulo Kibizer.


  9. Here are more 9 Garth stories in color:
    Compilation – Garth 071 Wolf Man of Ausensee

    Compilation – Garth 075 The Mask of Atacama

    Compilation – Garth 085 The Man-Hunt

    Compilation – Garth 095 Citizen Mundo 14500

    Compilation – Garth 116 Comet of Doom

    Compilation – Garth 119 Brotherhood of Blood

    Compilation – Garth 121 Outlaws

    Compilation – Garth 127 Body Swap

    Compilation – Garth 139 Apache Moon


  10. UPDATE 07-03-2018

    Garth 071 Wolf Man of Ausensee
    Garth 075 The Mask of Atacama
    Garth 085 The Man-Hunt
    Garth 095 Citizen Mundo 14500
    Garth 116 Comet of Doom
    Garth 119 Brotherhood of Blood
    Garth 121 Outlaws
    Garth 127 Body Swap
    Garth 139 Apache Moon

    All 9 thanks to Ar.


  11. UPDATE 08-03-2018

    I’ve made updates on many titles, i just added them into the existing books at the appropriate places.
    You just have to download the new ones and delete the older ones and you will be up to date.
    You can find the details on the downloadpages.
    Today the 1st part.

    6 Million Dollar Gran
    Antchester United
    Baby Face Finlayson
    Bad Penny
    Ball Boy
    Bash Street Kids
    Beat Your Neighbour
    Belle Tent
    Belles of St. Lemons
    Beryl the Peril
    Beverly Hillbillies
    Biffo the Bear
    Big ´Ead
    Big Uggy
    Billy Bunter
    Billy the Cat
    Billy Whiz
    Black Avenger
    Bodger the bookworm
    Bully Beef and Chips
    Burke’s Law
    Bustem Boys


  12. UPDATE 09-03-2018

    Part 2

    Calamity James
    Calculator Kid
    Captain Bungle
    Captain Hurricane
    Charlie’s Choice
    Conan the Barbarian
    Corporal Clott
    Cuddles and Dimples
    Dad’s Army
    Daffy the cowboy tec
    Danny Jones Time Traveler
    Danny’s Nanny
    Danny’s Tranny
    Deed-A-Day Danny
    Dennis the Menace
    Desperate Dan
    Dirty Dick
    Disaster Des
    Fireball XL5
    First Ada
    Flip McCoy
    Fred the Flop
    Fuss Pot
    Get Smart
    Ghastly Manor
    Gnasher and Gnipper
    Greedy Pigg
    Grimly Feendish
    Happy Daze
    He rides alone
    HMS Outcast
    House of Dolmann
    Hugh’s Zoo
    I Spy
    Invisible Dick
    Iron Fist
    It’s the Gremlins
    Ivy the Terrible


  13. UPDATE 10-03-2018

    Part 3

    Jack O´ Justice
    Jack Pott
    Jacky Daw
    Jest a minute
    Jimmy Jinx
    Joe Soap
    Julius Cheeser
    Keyhole Kate
    Korky the Cat
    Lady Penelope
    Laurel and Hardy
    Legges Eleven
    Les Pretend
    Little Orror
    Little Plum
    Lord Snooty
    Man called 39
    Mickey the Monkey
    Minnie the Mynx
    Mustapha Million
    My Bruvver
    My Favourite Martian
    Number 13
    Our Ernie


  14. UPDATE 11-03-2018

    Part 4

    Pansy Potter
    Percy’s Pets
    Perills of Parker
    Pete’s Pockets
    Pup Parade
    Richard the Lion
    Rob O’ the Wood
    Roger the Dodger
    Ronnie Rich
    Sammy Shrink
    Secret Agent 21
    Send for Kelly
    Shorty Shambles
    Sir Laughalot
    Skateboard Squad
    Skid Solo
    Smart Art
    Son of Sir
    Sporting Roundabout
    Spotted Dick
    Spunky and his Spider
    Steel Claw
    Super Seven
    Sword For Hire
    Swots and Blots


  15. UPDATE 12-03-2018

    Part 5 (last part for now).

    Everything is up to date with what i got right now.

    Tatty Mane
    Teacher’s Pet
    Thor Thumb
    Three Bears
    Tiny Tim
    Toffs and the Toughs
    Tom Dick and Sally
    Typhoon Tracy
    Wee Ben Nevis
    Whizzers from Ozz
    Wild Wonders
    Winker Watson
    Worst boy in the school


    1. Great, thanks. I will place them tomorrow.
      That is funny. I was just thinking last week about making a compilation with Christmas Stories from British comics legends like Bananaman, Bash Street Kids, Captain Hurricane, Minnie the Minx, Dennis the Menace, Typhoon Tracy and some more. Named it Christmas with the Comics Stars or something like that. Perhaps even a few parts. But that will take some time to sort things out from all issues from around Christmas from various titles.


  16. UPDATE 21-03-2018

    Captain Pugwash
    Christmas Comics
    Ken Reids Creepy Creations
    Ken Reids Woldwide Weirdies

    Thanks to HuckyC.


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