Welcome on this blog with compilations from British Comics.

You will find compilations on characters, just stories and from different titles.

There are compilations made by various unknown makers, users of this blog and compilations i made myself.

Note that i only place compilations with stories published before 2000 (with the occasional exception).

You can make requests, i will see if i can fulfill that.

You can view them with any cbr-reader. 


You can access the compilations through the sidebar.
I did not scan myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for the information :



UK Comics Wiki










254 thoughts on “Home

  1. UPDATE 16-11-2018

    Claude and Cuthbert (Thanks to HuckyC)
    Scamp (Thanks to HuckyC)
    Shorty (Thanks to HuckyC)
    Tough Tex (Thanks to HuckyC)


  2. UPDATE 21-11-2018

    Adrian’s Wall – Shiver and Shake
    Angel’s Proper Charlies – Jackpot
    Benny Hill – Look In
    Biddy’s Beastly Bloomers – Shiver and Shake
    Blunder Puss – Various
    Bright’s’ Boffins’ – Look In
    Catweazle – Look In
    Charlie Williams – Shiver and Shake
    Class Wars – Jackpot
    Comics College – Shiver and Shake
    Creepy Car – Various
    Crowther in trouble – Look In
    Cry Baby – Jackpot
    Damsel in Distress – Shiver and Shake
    Desert Fox – Shiver and Shake
    Doctor in charge – Look In
    Dukes Spook – Shiver and Shake
    Eagle Eye – Shiver and Shake
    Fenn Street Gang – Look In
    Fiends and Neigbours – Jackpot
    Fixer – Shiver and Shake
    Flaxton Boys – Look In
    Follyfoot – Look In
    Frankie Stein – Various
    Freewheelers – Look In
    Full O’ Beans – Jackpot
    Funtastic Journey – Jackpot
    Gal Capone – Shiver and Shake
    Ghost’s Revenge – Shiver and Shake
    Ghoul Getters Ltd – Various
    Ghouldilocks – Shiver and Shake
    Good News Bad News – Jackpot
    Gremlins – Jackpot
    Hand – Shiver and Shake
    Haunted Lake – Various
    Horrornation Street – Shiver and Shake
    Incredible Sulk – Jackpot
    It’s a Nice Life – Jackpot
    Jail Birds – Shiver and Shake
    Jake’s Seven – Jackpot
    Kid King – Jackpot
    Laser Eraser – Jackpot
    Les Dawson is Superflop – Look In
    Little Adam and Eva – Jackpot
    Little and Large Lenny – Jackpot
    Lolly Pop – Various
    Marathon Mutt – Jackpot
    Match of the week – Shiver and Shake
    Mikes Bike – Jackpot
    Milly O’Naire and Penny Less – Jackpot
    Moana Lisa – Shiver and Shake
    Mum’s the word – Jackpot
    Nobby’s Hobbies – Jackpot
    Oh Brother – Jackpot
    On the Buses – Look In
    Park – Jackpot
    Please Sir – Look In
    Richie Wraggs – Jackpot
    Riddle-me Ray – Various
    Robin Good – Jackpot
    Robot Smith – Jackpot
    Sample Simon – Various
    Scooper – Jackpot
    Scream Inn – Various
    Sherlock Jr – Jackpot
    Shiver Givers – Shiver and Shake
    Shrimp – Jackpot
    Snap Happy – Jackpot
    Soggy the Sea Monster – Shiver and Shake
    Sports School – Shiver and Shake
    Sporty 2 – Jackpot
    Sweeny Toddler – Various
    Teeny Sweeney – Jackpot
    Timeslip – Look In
    Tough Nutt and Softy Centre – Shiver and Shake
    Webster – Various
    Will Power – Jackpot
    Winners – Jackpot
    Wizards Anonymous – Shiver and Shake


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