Welcome on this blog with compilations from British Comics.

You will find compilations on characters, just stories and from different titles.

There are compilations made by various unknown makers, users of this blog and compilations i made myself.

Note that i only place compilations with stories published before 2000 (with the occasional exception).

You can make requests, i will see if i can fulfill that.

You can view them with any cbr-reader. 

You can access the compilations through the sidebar.
I did not scan myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for the information :

UK Comics Wiki






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  1. UPDATE 16-11-2018

    Claude and Cuthbert (Thanks to HuckyC)
    Scamp (Thanks to HuckyC)
    Shorty (Thanks to HuckyC)
    Tough Tex (Thanks to HuckyC)


  2. UPDATE 21-11-2018

    Adrian’s Wall – Shiver and Shake
    Angel’s Proper Charlies – Jackpot
    Benny Hill – Look In
    Biddy’s Beastly Bloomers – Shiver and Shake
    Blunder Puss – Various
    Bright’s’ Boffins’ – Look In
    Catweazle – Look In
    Charlie Williams – Shiver and Shake
    Class Wars – Jackpot
    Comics College – Shiver and Shake
    Creepy Car – Various
    Crowther in trouble – Look In
    Cry Baby – Jackpot
    Damsel in Distress – Shiver and Shake
    Desert Fox – Shiver and Shake
    Doctor in charge – Look In
    Dukes Spook – Shiver and Shake
    Eagle Eye – Shiver and Shake
    Fenn Street Gang – Look In
    Fiends and Neigbours – Jackpot
    Fixer – Shiver and Shake
    Flaxton Boys – Look In
    Follyfoot – Look In
    Frankie Stein – Various
    Freewheelers – Look In
    Full O’ Beans – Jackpot
    Funtastic Journey – Jackpot
    Gal Capone – Shiver and Shake
    Ghost’s Revenge – Shiver and Shake
    Ghoul Getters Ltd – Various
    Ghouldilocks – Shiver and Shake
    Good News Bad News – Jackpot
    Gremlins – Jackpot
    Hand – Shiver and Shake
    Haunted Lake – Various
    Horrornation Street – Shiver and Shake
    Incredible Sulk – Jackpot
    It’s a Nice Life – Jackpot
    Jail Birds – Shiver and Shake
    Jake’s Seven – Jackpot
    Kid King – Jackpot
    Laser Eraser – Jackpot
    Les Dawson is Superflop – Look In
    Little Adam and Eva – Jackpot
    Little and Large Lenny – Jackpot
    Lolly Pop – Various
    Marathon Mutt – Jackpot
    Match of the week – Shiver and Shake
    Mikes Bike – Jackpot
    Milly O’Naire and Penny Less – Jackpot
    Moana Lisa – Shiver and Shake
    Mum’s the word – Jackpot
    Nobby’s Hobbies – Jackpot
    Oh Brother – Jackpot
    On the Buses – Look In
    Park – Jackpot
    Please Sir – Look In
    Richie Wraggs – Jackpot
    Riddle-me Ray – Various
    Robin Good – Jackpot
    Robot Smith – Jackpot
    Sample Simon – Various
    Scooper – Jackpot
    Scream Inn – Various
    Sherlock Jr – Jackpot
    Shiver Givers – Shiver and Shake
    Shrimp – Jackpot
    Snap Happy – Jackpot
    Soggy the Sea Monster – Shiver and Shake
    Sports School – Shiver and Shake
    Sporty 2 – Jackpot
    Sweeny Toddler – Various
    Teeny Sweeney – Jackpot
    Timeslip – Look In
    Tough Nutt and Softy Centre – Shiver and Shake
    Webster – Various
    Will Power – Jackpot
    Winners – Jackpot
    Wizards Anonymous – Shiver and Shake


  3. UPDATE 26-11-2018

    These are all my own compilations that are allready on the blog but
    upgraded with new pages.
    More details on the individual pages.

    6 Million Dollar Gran
    Abbott and Costello
    Bad Penny
    Bananaman – Various
    Beat Your Neighbour
    Big ´Ead
    Billy Bunter – Various
    Calculator Kid
    Charlie’s Choice
    Cuddles and Dimples – Dandy and Nutty
    Dad’s Army
    Daffy the cowboy tec
    Deed-A-Day Danny
    Disaster Des
    Fireball XL5
    Frank Randle
    Fuss Pot
    George Formby
    Grimly Feendish
    House of Dolmann
    It’s the Gremlins
    Joe E. Brown
    Lady Penelope
    Laurel and Hardy Part 1
    Laurel and Hardy Part 2
    Mustapha Million
    My Bruvver
    Old Mother Riley
    Our Ernie
    Percy’s Pets
    Perils Of Parker
    Peter Pest
    Pete’s Pockets
    Ronnie Rich
    Sammy Shrink
    School Belle
    School Team
    Skateboard Squad
    Son of Sir
    Steel Claw
    Super Seven
    Swots and Blots
    Toffs and the Toughs
    Walt Teaser
    Why Dad Why
    X-Ray Specs
    Young Farfur


  4. Hi, just wanted to say a huge thanks to and all the uploaders for this and all your other comic sites. I only discovered them a few weeks ago and have been on a downloading binge ever since. Thanks guys.
    I have one question- whilst most of the collections and comics download easily, some, like the first “Korky The Cat” collection take you to a nl. site with a download box, nothing happens when I click on the download button.
    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a password or something?
    Also one request- any chance of a “Mytek The Mighty” full collection?
    Only the Vulcan strips are on your site but this is one of the best UK strips and I would love a complete collection.
    No problem if this is not possible. Thanks again for all your hard work.
    All the best
    Mark Evans


    1. You are welcome. I can download Korky without problems, maybe some temporary problem on the downloadsite, normally you just have to click on the downloadbutton. Let me know when the problem continues so i can make a new link for it. About Mytek, as far as i know right away he appeared in the 2000 AD Action Special, in a story written by Si Spencer and drawn by Shaky Kane, i have that issue so i can update the compilation with that story. Further more he was in Valiant i believe, but i have to look further into this title and pick the Mytek stories from those. Also in the limited serie Albion, which is an US published comic from 2005 so i don’t have/use that serie. If you happen to know other British titles in which he appears let me know. I will try to make an updated compilation somewhere this month.


      1. Very good of you to reply. The Mytek series ran in Valiant from issue 104 on 26 September 1964 for seven years ending in 1970
        The Vulcan stories were colorised reprints.
        I havhave much of it in French digest sized reprints called, misleadingly, “King Kong”! But I would love to read the whole thing as originally published in Valiant.
        If you ever find the time to make a compilation you would make an old(ish) man very happy.
        As regards the Korky problem, I think the problem may lie in my poor tech skills. The same problem happens on your Pulp Magazines page when I try to download the Van Thall edited Pan Horror books, so don’t worry about it.
        Once again huge thanks for the excellent work in putting together your sites, they are exceptional pieces of work which I know I shall be returning to many times in the future.
        All the best


      2. Thanks for the information, i will put together 1 compilation with all Valiant stories i have, only thing is i don’t think i have a complete run of Valiant to cover this timeperiod so there will be some pages missing in the stories. Probably somewhere next week i will have that one ready or else the week after that week, so keep an eye on the blog.


  5. Thanks.
    If you can let me know which Valient numbers/dates you are missing I will check to see if I have them
    I bought a number of Valients on mp3 CDs years ago
    If I have any that you are missing I can send them on to you


    1. Thanks for the offer, i checked the Valiant’s but it appears i have all published issues, however there are some incomplete issues, i have a list of those, thanks to Jacko.

      Issues with missing pages:

      Valiant #012 (1962-12-22) – 2 missing pages – ‘Jack O’Justice'(page 31) + back page (page 32) are missing. This issue also has some damage on page 13 (‘Steel Claw’) and page 16 (‘To Glory We Steer’)

      Valiant #173 (1966-01-22) – 1 missing page – probably the back page humour strip ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’)

      Valiant #332 (1969-02-08) – 2 missing pages – ‘Raven on the Wing’ (3rd page of a 3-page story) and probaby an ads/columns page are missing

      Valiant #367 (1969-10-11) – 2 missing pages – 2nd (middle) page of ‘House of Dolmann’ (usually a 3-page story) and probaby an ads/columns page are missing

      Valiant #590 (1974-05-04) – 2 missing pages – both pages of ‘Yellowknife of the Yard’ are missing

      Valiant #610 (1974-10-19) – 8-page pull-out booklet featuring Mytek the Mighty is missing

      Valiant #669 (1975-12-20) – 4 pages of ads/columns/one-page humour strips are missing.

      The following issues are just damaged in some way (i.e. torn edges, cut-outs etc)

      Valiant #011 (1962-12-15) – page 16 (‘To Glory We Steer’)
      Valiant #013 (1962-12-29) – page 16 (‘To Glory We Steer’)
      Valiant #015 (1963-01-12) – page 20 (Shorty the Sheriff)
      Valiant #071 (1964-02-08) – page 27 (‘Jack O’Justice’)
      Valiant #162 (1965-11-06) – page 14 (‘The Nutts’)
      Valiant #181 (1966-03-19) – page 21 (‘Steel Claw’)
      Valiant #229 (1967-02-18) – page 39 (‘The Crows’)
      Valiant #488 (1972-04-29) – page 39 (‘Billy Bunter’)


  6. Hi, just finished checking my Valients on a CD ROM I bought years ago (not mp3cd as I wrongly said earlier) Unfortunately none of the missing bits you listed are on the CD, indeed many more issues are missing from my collection.
    I do have, somewhere, the pink mini Mytek taken from Valiant, it is just a reprint of earlier Valient strips. There is a similar 32 page mini collection of Buster’s Galaxus, another great strip.
    Thanks for the list, sorry I can’t fill in any gaps in a Mytek compilation.
    On another issue I am having problems downloading the main “Jonah” (Ken Reid classic)collection. The link is to the same .nl site as the first “Korky The Cat” collection. Hitting the download button does nothing. Can you help?


    1. Thanks anyway for checking. I believe the incomplete Valiant’s doesn’t effect the Mytek stories so the compilation will be complete is my guess. It is annoying that you still can’t download these, i think the problem is with the .nl site, the ones that are working are from Mediafire if i’m correct. Let me know which files you want and can’t download, i will make Mediafirelinks for those.


  7. Hi, the main compilations I have had problems with are:
    The first “Korky The Cat” Dandy collection
    The first of Ken Reid’s “Jonah” collections
    and, although on one of your other sites (Pulp)
    The “Pan Books Of Horror” edited by Herbert Van Thall.
    Sorry to have put you to so much work since I discovered your sites. I hope you take it as a compliment to your hard work and efforts.
    Mark Evans


    1. I think i can do that, if i am not mistaken Janus Stark is to be found in Smash. Charlie Peace can be found in Buster and Valiant. I try to have them somewhere next week or else the week after that because i am working on an update for the British comicblog also.


  8. Details
    Janus Stark
    Smash 15/03/69 to
    Smash 03/04/71 then
    Valiant 10/04/71 to
    end of 1973 Valiant
    Charlie Peace
    Preview (issue 0) in
    Valiant 20/07/64 then
    Buster 27/07/64 to Valient 15/06/74
    I too would welcome these compilations
    Mark Evans


    1. I’ve found even Charlie Peace in Buster 1974-12-28, have to look into 1975 also for stories. It’s not always accurate the information on the internet.


  9. UPDATE 18-01-2019

    Leopard from Lime Street (updated version thanks to Andy)
    Trigan Empire (updated with the Oliver Frey Collection)


    1. I can do that but i have only 56 issues from Buster from this period there are almost 200 issues missing so there will be alot of gaps in the continuing stories.


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